Safety in storage

Safety in storage

Many people start planning their move and sometimes dates just do not align such as your closing date on your new and the date of sale on your current home. Storage begins to seem like a necessary option and the thought of having all your personal items in a strange location can be scary. But if you choose the right moving and storage company, it can be extremely convenient and affordable. A1 Moving & Storage offers all customers 30 days free storage with any moving estimate. You can rest assured knowing that your items are safely kept in climate controlled environments under 24 hour security surveillance.

Top Questions To Ask About Storage:

1. Do you offer 24 video surveillance.

2. Where is your storage location?

3. What type of insurance do you offer for items stored in your location?

4. How large is your storage facility?

5. How long have you been located at this specific location?

The answers to these questions will help you

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