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At A1 Moving & Storage, we understand that when it comes to long distance moving, not every customer is the same – each individual has a different story and with that story comes unique needs. Whether you’re moving your family, chasing your dream job, sending your child to college or transferring to a new military base – we can help! We are experienced in long distance moves of every type, from 100 to 3000 miles. Our staff is equipped to handle moves of any size or distance.

By understanding your unique circumstances, we provide you with the best options to fit your needs and while guiding you through every step of the process. In addition, we ensure that you receive a detailed, informative cost breakdown of what is involved in the execution of your move. By retrieving an itemized inventory list from you with actual dimensions, we can narrow down the total cubic footage and give you an accurate quote that will not change. By doing so, we provide you with a sense of relief during the stressful process of long distance moving.



Our extensive experience in freight transport and warehousing strategically positions us to be one of the most reliable and effective moving companies in the north east. Our diligence ensures timely pickup & delivery for all customers. In addition, by coordinating closely with our logistics department, we are able to provide you with constant status updates whenever you need them. Each member of our team is trained to provide extensive information on how you can manage and protect your move. You can trust that we will never leave you hanging.


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Long distance moving can be frustrating but we have found that when we keep an open line of communication between our staff and our customers, it gets easier. We believe that you have a right to know where your items are and when you should expect pick up and delivery. A1 Moving & Storage are one of the only moving companies that invests heavily in customer service and satisfaction.


Our local moving services are based specifically on your needs. We work hard on going over your various moving needs such as packing, crating, securing fragile items, providing packing supplies, disassemble and reassemble items, and more.

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